romans 5:17-19

for the sin of  this one man adam caused death to rule over many.

but even greater is God’s wonderful grace and His gift of righteousness for all who receive it will live in triumph over sin and death through this one man Jesus Christ.

yes adam’s one sin brings condemnation for everyone but Christ’s one act of righteousness brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone.

because one person disobeyed God many became sinners.

but because one other person obeyed God many will be made righteous.


although few of us would say that death is our ruler we often live in fear of death.

if we fear death it has the ability to gain mastery over us.

we should not fear death but only fear God and shun evil.

we should fear God because He has both the ability to create us and to enable us to be destroyed.

why are people so afraid to show they are getting old?

is it that they don’t want other people to acknowledge their increasing in years for fear it might increase their consciousness of or mindset of their lack of vitality or nearness to the grave which we all approach with increasing frequency by the day.

are people afraid of death because they feel they have wasted their lives?

or because they fear the horrors of hell that might be waiting for them on the other side if they haven’t repented of their sins and they don’t believe in Jesus?

are suicidal people those who have reached a state where they no longer fear death or have they just got so sick of living that they think to themselves anything’s better than this?

perhaps it is because some of us remain ignorant of the next dimension beyond this one that we don’t value our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and cling to the precious beauty of life tightly enough.

how often do we fail to see the wonder in God’s grace and just take it for granted that it gives us a blank cheque to sin as much as we want?

how often do we view the cross as a reason to obey Jesus out of gratitude for His sacrifice for us?

righteousness means to be in right standing with God.

it’s not about how often you read your  bible and pray or how often you attend church meetings.

these are all helpful good and beneficial but they are only surface level of our  relationship with God which should involve recognizing our connection to Him in every single waking moment and bringing our relationship with Him into every decision we make in our lives just as a husband should consider his wife’s feelings before making decisions that affect the both of them in the same way the way people perceive Christ may be determined fairly or otherwise by the actions of His body ( I think otherwise).

who wants to have victory over sin and death?

I know I do.

not in the future only but in the here and now of every waking breathing moment.

I don’t want to return to the same old contaminated me that I used to be before I decided to actually fight against the devil and tapping into the power of God that dwells within me through the blood of Christ instead of letting him use me like a doormat and stomp all over me.

if you are not experiencing victory over hell and death in your life now I more than pity you I pray for you that you will see that breakthrough is possible.

there is life beyond the chains and prison cells of hell you are currently held captive by.

don’t let the devil ever hold you  back from living in the glorious future God intends for you.

I pray this freedom will become a reality for all of us.

don’t be afraid to revel in your liberty in Christ not for the sake of boasting of your own achievements but celebrating all the little victories Christ has won for you along the way to bring you to that place of constant joy and peace despite the circumstances.

there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

the obvious provisio for this freedom from condemnation is that you actually have to be in Christ Jesus or in a relationship with Him.

think about all the deaths of all the humans in history.

none of them has as much significance as what Christ accomplished for us on the cross.

some of us have been freed from slavery by righteous crusaders.

those people were motivated to live out the creed that all men are created equal and deserve to live emancipated by the author of manumission and the finisher of our faith Christ himself.

ditto for those who have gained rights for animals and equality and respect for women being realized in greater measure in our world though heaven knows we’ve still got a long way to go.

it is Christ’s transfusion of His holy blood into our spirits that motivates those who have battled against the usage of racist and demeaning language towards those from other cultures ( though we often see it as less of a problem when we hate on our ”own”‘).

it brings me such joy, I swell up with pride knowing Christ has given me new life and hope beyond the grave.

the love of the spirit of life I find in Him alone has set me free from the law of sin and death.

that is why I will praise and glorify El Shaddai with every single passing breath til my lungs collapse in His arms.

I will wake up from my last sleep glorified with a brand new body leaving behind this fleshly ashheap prone to sin and paranoia, hate for self and others, despicable acts displeasing in His sight and more deplorable deeds than a hypocritical politician condemning kidnapping of girls in Africa while advocating their destruction in the womb.

now I contend with paul unless this is just my new living translation that is not providing the full rich meaning of what he is trying to say to me and to us.

I don’t just believe that many of us became sinners through adam but all of us because we were born into sin.

but if any man be in Christ he or she is a new creation behold the old has past away the new has come.

we were born corrupted but in Him we put on purity and blamelessness or incorruption.

we walk in the opposite spirit from how we were raised.

even those born in Christian homes have to make a decision for themselves to follow Jesus cos God doesn’t have grandchildren only sons and daughters.

imagine how many people might be made righteous through God using your own obedience to Him.

what a joy it will be to stand in heaven and meet all the people whose lives were impacted by your hunger and passion for Jesus through never giving in and compromising your convictions.

yet in that moment you will not get a big head swelling and bursting with pride.

your eyes won’t even be transfixed on the glorious golden mansion He has prepared for you where the taps alone are rumoured to be as glittering as the streets 🙂

no you will be prostrate before His holy throne and have eyes of wonder for Him alone.

as it is on earth so let it be in heaven.

let all our thoughts and deeds be reflections of His glory.

let our lives testify of the incredible story of His love for us- that considered holding onto His life of less value than what He would accomplish by giving it away !

:o) ❤



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