mark 16:15-20

and then He told them go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.

anyone who  believes and is baptized shall be saved.

but anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.

these miraculous signs will accompany those who believe : they will cast out demons in my name and they will speak in new languages.

they will be able to handle snakes with safety and if they drink anything poisonous it won’t hurt them.

they will be able to place their hands on the sick and they will be healed.

when the Lord Jesus had finished talking to them He was taken up into heaven and sat down in the place of honour at God’s right hand.

and the disciples went everywhere and preached and the Lord worked through them confirming what they said by many miraculous signs.


even though this passage is talking about being able to handle snakes without getting bitten or without coming to harm’s way I still wouldn’t go out of my way to touch one or have one wrapped around my neck.

God doesn’t want us to deliberately put ourselves in the way of danger.

He merely reassures us that He has the ability to deliver and heal us if we find ourselves in a spot of bother.

this passage concerns the occasion when Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to His disciples in His glorified body before He ascended into heaven.

we are yet to see the gospel being spread like a blanket to every single country on earth.

this is partly because of some countries that are openly hostile to outsiders, some tribal groups who have other people in their way blocking the spread of the gospel and at other times simply because of our laziness or fear of man being in greater measure to our fear of God.

other hindrances can be a lack of language training and financial resources to sustain a long term mission until the people have developed to a level of self sufficiency where they can thrive and keep the gospel light burning bright without outside assistance.

although we become saved when we are baptized and accept Jesus’ forgiveness for our s ins we can lose our salvation the second we walk outside the will of God and make decisions which contradict His eternal stance of moral purity.

to get back in right standing with Him is as simple as getting down on our knees begging for forgiveness and turning our heels around , not spitting in the face of His grace by continuing in sin when we have been made aware of its affect on us to condemn us and deprive us of the eternal blessings of His covenant being brought to fruition in fullest measure beyond the stars.

we have been given plenty of chances throughout our lives to acknowledge that God exists therefore if we don’t get to heaven at the end of our journey we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

even if others lead us into false erroneous heretical teaching we are the ones who ultimately decide whether we allow ourselves to be brainwashed into falsehood or if we refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy and keep our eyes fixed firmly on God’s truth not wavering no matter how great the temptation or dangling carrot placed under our nose may be.

we must remember when we refuse the prizes of this life that there is a far greater prize waiting for us beyond the shores of paradise.

I have never cast a demon out of anyone and I do not speak in tongues on a daily basis but I have spoken in tongues before and I have seen demons being cast out of people and I know if I wasn’t connecting with God’s spirit I wouldn’t have been able to have been delivered from demonic oppression when I was regularly getting nightmares.

I don’t think I am any less saved than those who have great deliverance ministries.

some of us may be used by God to deliver people of demonic influence in ways they will never recognize or publically acknowledge and that is perfectly fine cos we have a crown of glory and robes of righteousness waiting for us in heaven that are far  better than any glowing jewel this world can ever offer.

God does not want us to test Him by drinking poison to see if it kills us.

Jesus told satan you shall not tempt the Lord your God.

in this statement He was reaffirming that although satan had not submitted to His authority as master and commander of the universe Jesus still possessed the ability to make satan do whatever He wanted and satan can only ever do anything if God grants him permission to do so.

if we believe in Jesus then this scripture reminds us that accidentally swallowing poison is not something for us to worry about because as we know when there was poison in the pot the prophet prayed and God removed the poison without anyone getting sick.

even if He doesn’t choose to remove poison from our pots we have an amazing place of glory and grace waiting for us beyond the gates of this life so we need not stress about the troublesome turbulence of present circumstances.

He is up there and in us and He is taking care of business.

we don’t actually have to place our hands on sick people for them to get healed.

the power of God is not limited by whether or not we make physical contact with people or even if they know we are praying  for them- He can just zap them from across the street.

perhaps this is recommended as a visible reference point so we can see that God is being channelled through our bodies into the person in need so they will always know in their minds they were delivered by a force from a source from a being they are capable of having a relationship with beyond themselves.

the devil can mimic healing but anyone who God allows him to release from sickness is brought into bondage being controlled by demonic oppression and you will see it is like a dog when you allow it to go so far on the leash before you pull it back with a choke chain and restrict its freedom- there is no true freedom in counterfeit miracles ( any that come about as a result of any religion or cult other than Christianity) , there is only slavery and destruction at the end of that journey.

I have seen people get healed right before my very eyes.

my sister was healed of eczema my guinea pigs werye healed of skin disease also.

praise the Lord for all His wonderful miracles taking place all around the world twenty four seven.

if salvation can be considered the greatest miracle of all then I thank the Lord that He has enabled me to encourage those who once struggled blindly groping in the darkness to find the light of Christ’s love and get their feet back on the straight and narrow.

it is hard to imagine that wonderful spectacular mind boggling sight of Jesus rising suddenly into the air and disappearing into the clouds.

I can imagine the disciples and all Jesus’ followers staring  transfixed at the sky  for a good while hardly being able to believe their eyes and weeping over the fact that He who was once with them whose presence completely transformed their world and ours was now gone.

yet that was not the end of the story, not by a long shot, for He sent His Holy Spirit as a comforter and powerhouse to dwell within the hearts of all who believe and trust Him wholeheartedly.

the right hand is a symbol of authority and God’s authority is represented in Jesus and vice versa for the son of God was never known to do anything His father didn’t do and would never act merely on HIs own authority but only that which had been commanded and permitted by direct edict ushered from His holy throne.

we know some of the places the disciples went to preach.

Thomas wound up in india getting stoned to death which subsequently led to the conversion of many who were former higher caste hindus and have now been perpetuating the culture of Christianity for many centuries.

john as we know ended up in the island of patmos where he wrote the book of revelation and peter is traditionally thought to have been crucified upside down in rome cos he didn’t want to die the same way as his Lord considering himself unworthy of dying in the same manner.

it must be said when Jesus commanded peter on this rock I will build my church He was talking about Himself not peter.

we are the little stones that God uses to build His church.


He is the living stone and the solid rock , our firm  foundation and the hope of our salvation who is living and breathing in us.

God’s word is confirmed by His miracle working power.

if you have not seen any miracles take place in your life other than that last breath God gave you and you believe in Jesus remember that they will know we are Christians by the love we display towards one another.

even this in itself is a miracle.

people will say look at them with everything that’s going on in their lives they are still keeping their chins up and smiling at each other it has to be a miracle.

when you have faith in Jesus it doesn’t matter how difficult circumstances get because we know He is able to toss the mountains of our bothersome situations into the sea.

and there is no sin we are dealing with too big for Him to conquer.

if we are just willing to play our little hand into His big and mighty hand and let Him use us to do His will.

be followers of God my fellow little child like faith hearts and walk in love towards God and one another !


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