Ephesians 6 : 13-18

therefore put on every piece of Gods armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil.

then after the battle you will still be standing firm.

Stand your ground putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of Gods righteousness.

For shoes put on the peace that comes from the good news so that you will be fully prepared.

In addition to all of these hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.

Put on salvation as your helmet and take the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

Pray in the spirit at all times and on every occasion.

Stay alert and be persistent in your prayer for all believers everywhere.


We cannot expect God to protect us from harm unless our spirits are wearing every single piece of His armor.

We wouldn’t go into battle in a physical war without being fully equipped.

How much more essential is it to keep our spiritual weapons handy when the spiritual battle counts for more than the physical cos this life is but a droplet in the ocean of eternity.

We attack wickedness and lies by focusing on God’s truth and righteousness.

His word is the ultimate guide to truth.

We can counteract the onslaught of the enemy by simply focusing on God’s peace.

We have to recognize people coming against us bringing accusations accurate or ludicrous for what it is the work of satan.

Retaliate and target the devil motivating those who falsely perceive themselves as your enemies.

Put out the fire of their insults by throwing a bucket of water on it giving them undeserved compliments even if you have to do it through gritted teeth.

Very few will persist in pursuing those who declare a ceasefire and extend the hand of friendship.

Your best weapon against doubt or trusting your own judgment more than God’s is your simple seed of faith in Him which has taken root inside your heart and continually yields fruit in your life.

Salvation guards your mind against damnation.

the more you focus on what Christ has saved you from the less room you will make in your mind for temptation cos it’s already crammed full of godliness.

This godliness also includes holy fear which as we know is the Genesis of practical wisdom and the catalyst for its zenith.

You don’t need to talk in tongues to pray in the spirit you just have to walk pure and blameless before the Lord.

If you are a man or lady of unclean lips you aren’t speaking the Holy Spirits language you are chatting in the devils twisted dialect instead.

God may understand you but He communicates more intimately with those who seek His favor by displaying a lifestyle that’s pleasing in His sight.

We must be on our guard cos the devil is like a lion seeking victims to devour.

Some think persistence in prayer means screaming at the top of your lungs with long winded prayers but God is not deaf.

He can hear your tiny whispers just as much as those who communicate with Him at the volume of a thunderstorm.

Your stereo doesn’t decrease in power depending on your volume.

Neither do your prayers.

Persistence and consistency is the key.

Don’t just pray frequently and often pray without ceasing.

You should never be stressing over what to pray about when God commands us to intercede for His intervention on behalf of all current and potential believers.

A prayer can be as basic as Lord i hope they are ok please take care of them step in and get them to step up.

He doesn’t even need us to direct our heavenly mail properly for Him to deliver us from the influence and interference of the evil one.

Unless your prayer is one of salvation cos john 14:6 tells us only Jesus Christ is able to save the lost.

Rejoice if you can consider yourself among the found.

If you see yourself as more of an aint than a saint be assured i am making mention of you in my private correspondence with our ever loving Lord of life and love ⛪⚓


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