philippians 4:10-13

we will revisit philippians one more time before these thirty days of devotion are through so if it happens to be your favourite book of the bible ( one of my favourite verses is in this particular passage) hang in there cos we’ll be right back with you shortly πŸ˜‰


how I praise the Lord that you are concerned about me again.

I know you have always been concerned for me but you didn’t have the chance to help me.

not that I was ever in need for I have learned to be content with whatever I have.

I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything.

I have learned the secret of living in every situation whether it is with a full stomach or empty with plenty or little.

for I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.


we should always be concerned for others.

we should not let our concern turn into worry however.

whatever is stressing us out we should simply take it to the Lord in prayer.

He says call upon me and I will answer you I will provide for you a doorway of escape.

there are often times when we want to assist people but we lack the finances to pull them out of a pickle.

as the tears of compassion trickle down your cheeks take a moment of compassion to seek the Lord about their issue.

God can use your prayers as a powerful and effective weapon against the enemy.

God uses us to pull down strongholds and He can utilize us as tools to set the captives free.

often we are in want but we can confuse it for being in need.

we are only ever in need if we are outside of a state of peace that comes from knowing our future is safeguarded in heaven.

when people think of their needs they don’t often consider perhaps the only thing they are truly in need of is repentance in order to receive freedom from their current struggle.

God doesn’t despise a broken spirit or a contrite heart but listens to our cries.

often it is easy for us to be ungrateful and to demand more than what God has already given us.

when I was used to having hot showers all the time and a bed elevated above the ground to sleep in it took me some getting used to to adjust to life on outreach when I was on a missions trip when we had to sleep on mattresses and have cold showers with a curtain made of palm leaves and use a bucket to splash water over ourselves .

at the time I would have benefited from the heavenly minded perspective that some have to walk to a river to bathe themselves, they never possess the luxury of hot water and they don’t even have a mattress on a concrete slab to sleep on just the cold ground.

I may not have a girlfriend but I praise the Lord for the blessing of my friends.

and the family members He has given me which are still alive and breathing despite the uncertain future of their life beyond the grave.

I praise God my folks know HIm intimately and that I have friends who also share the same passion for HIm I do even in some cases and on occasion in greater measure and being in possession of more excitement for the things of HIm than I always have the strength within myself to muster.

but though I get flustered and lose my lustre and bluster about the place His face is always available for the seeking His spirit is never far from my side His assistance is only one call away .

I have tested the theory of living on almost nothing.

although you may become irritable from lack of energy and due to your hunger caused by an insufficient diet you can have enough to survive on a couple of dollars a day which will buy you a simple can of tuna and a slice of pita bread.

it is hard to be full of smiles when your stomach is completely empty of food.

it is difficult to keep your ears open for other peoples business when they’re pouring out their hearts when you haven’t gotten a decent amount of sleep.

still with God’s help all feats of endurance are possible.

yes even lifting your kid out from under a car or pulling someone up off the railway tracks with only a few seconds to spare before they get crushed.

any sudden adrenalin rush we possess that may appear super human is in fact precisely that but we cannot credit the source to human origins but only to the power of God suddenly surging through somebody when they tap into God’s strength.

because of His son’s death on the cross there is no limits on what we can achieve.

His power and strength is made perfect in our moments of weakness.



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