2 Corinthians 5:14-17

WIN_20170802_16_43_01_Pro either way God’s love  controls us.

since we  believe that Christ died for all we also believe that we have died to our old life.

He died for everyone so that those who receive His new life will no longer live for themselves.

instead they live for Christ who died and was raised for them.

so we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view.

at one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view.

how differently we know HIm now!

this means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.

the old life is gone a new life has begun !


to make sense of the first verse in this passage we have to back up to the previous verse which says if we appear crazy its for Gods glory and if we are in our right minds its for your benefit.

the truth is God’s wisdom looks like foolishness to the world and vice versa.

we do not expect the world to understand us unless they possess in some measure the regenerated mind of Christ as we do who believe in Him and are called by His name.

by receiving Him He gives us the right to be called children of God.

God may ask us to go on a mission journey without enough money in our pocket to buy our next meal and if we take Him up on that faith challenge and it is His calling not just our flesh longing for an adventure He is sure to provide for us everything we need without even having to petition our friends for help.

one example of doing crazy things for God is the story of hosea how God commanded him to marry a prostitute or how He told Elijah to cook food over dung or even in Jonah’s case to preach the gospel to a people group that had been oppressing his people.

God may ask us to do risky or hard things.

He may ask us to love those we consider unlovable who are missing a few marbles who have a few screws loose who are a few crayons short of a full packet .

He may call us to share His love to those who are sexually perverted when we have ourselves been victimized by that very same group of people.

the truth of the gospel will only seem sensible to the world when they wake up to His urging of their conscience to conform to His divine will.

if it is possible for Christ the pure perfect sinless lamb of God to die for the sins of the world then it is possible for us to die to our selfish desires every time they pop up in our heads.

He enables us to nip temptation in the bud and prevent it from growing roots embedded inside our hearts and minds and taking over our lives.

dying to our old life is made possible by our conscious effort to allow us to see our sin from heaven’s perspective.

we are able to walk away from our old ways of thinking and acting and react to whatever life throws at us differently when we determine not to grieve God’s heart and do what pleases Him even if it temporarily feels like we are missing out but the long term gain is far greater than any momentary pain experienced by our decision to bend according to what yields Him pleasure.

just to back up and reemphasize a point I missed from the text.

if Christ’s love controls us it will be easy for us to respond to hate and being used and abused with love and kindness as we are allowing God to direct our thoughts and not attempting to resolve conflict on our own which inevitably results in failure.

any success is due to His intervention on our behalf taking pity on us and not allowing us to suffer in the hope that we might fall on our knees in gratitude for His mercy towards us.

if we are true Christians it should result in us putting the things that please God and others above ourselves even if they appear to conflict or be at odds with our own whims and fancies.

it is hard for us not to see other humans the way other humans see us as we still live in a corruptible body prone to sin.

we are not in a position as modern believers to say that we ever thought of Christ as merely human unless of course we grew up being brainwashed by gnostic heresy or cults that deny the deity of God’s son as do some false religions which incorporate elements of Christianity and Judaism into their basic warped creeds.

praise God thanks to His death on the cross He has made us brand new people so as it says in the prince of Egypt we can look at the world through heaven’s eyes 🙂

instead of seeing the lady who short changed us at the shops as being the spawn of satan we can see her issues with her child who constantly tries pulling out her hair if we dare to dig around inside her life and find out about her day if she is brave enough to share it with us and build a bridge instead of a wall.

many people are open to be prayed for even if they do not wish to engage in religious discussions or hack open the worm   can of doctrinal differences.

God may call you to bring up those controversial topics  but steer clear of them unless He specifically motivates you to do so.

you will find it best to stick to the basic truths that Jesus died for our sins or mistakes and all of us have been sinners in one way or another so if we choose Jesus we will find a way to cleanse our minds of wickedness or the desire to do things we know displease God and or  cause pain to others and ourselves.

none of us can say we were born without a conscience but it becomes easy to ignore your conscience or convince it to hush up when society is singing a different tune to those of us who err on the side of caution when it comes to glorifying immorality.

when we see people as beings Jesus died for on the cross it will be harder for us to do things to them which may cause them to stumble in their faith or to see us as giving Christians a bad name and judge the deeds of the body of Christ the church by the deeds of its head Christ Himself.

God doesn’t want us to kill everybody who doesn’t follow the same religion as us but simply to kill their intention to cause us harm with love and kindness by going out of our way to demonstrate God’s love to them regardless of what their leaders are telling them to do or the picture the media paints of people who follow that particular dead end trail to heaven ( any so called celestial gate except for Yeshua Omega).


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