how to shimmer through 2 Corinthians 5:18-21

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer Deut6-v-2560x1440.pngand all of this is a gift from God who brought us back to Himself through Christ.

and God has given us this task of reconciling people to HIm.

for God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself no longer counting people’s sins against them.

and He gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.

so we are Christ’s ambassadors God is making His appeal through us.

we speak for Christ when we plead come back to God !

for God made Christ who never sinned to be the offering for our sin so that we could be made right with God through Christ.


to make sense of the first verse in this passage or to enrich our understanding we have to backtrack to the previous verse which affirms that those who belong to Christ are new people.

the old has passed away all things have become new.

the way we used to think has become completely transformed.

we should aim to be so changed by God in our mindset that who we are now in Christ no longer recognizes who we used to be.

we should detest our old sinful habits and not continue to accept them as part of our identity.

we have strayed away from God or from His intended design for humanity.

this is either as a result of being born into a sinful world or conscious decisions on our part to rebel against God.

we were born sinners and only Christ can redeem us from the stinking cesspool we were doomed to wallow in until we choose to accept Him in our hearts and place Him on the throne of our lives.

we should make HIm the boss of all our decision making.

we are  called by God commanded in fact to reconcile all mankind to HIm.

we  cannot take this as a mere suggestion.

we cannot leave the responsibilities up to our pastors .

we have to be the ones who act as kings and queens priests and priestesses .

we should take responsibility for making sure everyone in our sphere of influence knows about Jesus.

God only refuses to count our sins against us if we choose to admit our need for Him.

we are dirty rotten sinners in need of repentance until Christ comes along and switches up the way we see ourselves and what our future looks like.

humans come up with ideas like harmony day but it is Christ who is the ultimate catalyst for reconciliation.

understanding other religions and endlessly picking over the nasty details of our past rehashing all the horrible things we have done to each others cultures will not help to bring humanity closer together.

celebrating the songs and dances of others cultures, playing their sport and learning their art and history will not bring us unity in any lasting measure.

only Christ can redeem all mankind and bring them peace for He is Jehovah Shalom the Lord our peace.

if you look for peace outside of HIm you will only have war and poverty and a world ripped in pieces.

our world right now is hellbent on its own destruction.

Christ is the only one who can ultimately save us from ourselves.

God has made us agents of reconciliation.

yes we can do this through identificational repentance but we must remember to always keep Christ the centre of our focus.

if we are not pointing peoples eyes towards Him we are by default pulling His eyes away from HIm however worthy our cause may seem in the end it is fruitless and useless unless the end result of our actions is a deeper intimacy with Jesus.

the root of all the problems of this world is that its inhabitants have drifted away from God.

the more we connect with God the easier it is to find answers and solutions to our issues and questions which plague us constantly.

if its not one thing its another.

there are some questions that are not helpful to ask.

instead of asking why do bad things happen to good people we should be asking ourselves in a world where nobody is truly one hundred percent purely good except for God why would Jesus choose to die for us when we knew we would spit in His face and hang HIm on a cross or send people to display His love to us and we would just push them away and ignore HIs warnings until it was too late to turn the clock back

if Christ had sinned in His thoughts actions or inaction even once it would be enough to disqualify Him from the cross.

that’s a scary and sobering thought.

He told us be perfect as I am perfect.

sounds impossible right?

but when we rely on Christ’s strength all things are within our capability bar growing wings and stealing HIs holy throne ( we know how that worked out for satan 🙂 )

He was and is the pure perfect spotless lamb of God the only worthy sinless sacrifice without spot blemish or wrinkle capable of offering up His life so we might join HIm in paradise and be free from all the pain and suffering of this world.

He suffered for our sakes so that we may no longer have to.

He didn’t offer us salvation so in this world we could be free of pain.

He promised us in this world there will be trouble but fear not for I have overcome the world.

if Jesus lives in our hearts then we too can stick the devil under our feet and cause him to beat a hasty retreat whenever he sends his minions to crush our spirits.

when we are wrong God makes us right.

this doesn’t mean He changes His mind on what is wrong and pretends that it is right but He transforms our way of thinking so we find what is wrong in His sight detestable making us sick to the stomach and causing us to gravitate towards what pleases HIm in gratitude for His death on the cross.

this is how we shimmer by boldly declaring His truth and letting our light be seen before men.

we glow boldly for Him when we choose to represent His truth in a world of darkened imaginations that calls evil. good and good evil that is often apathetic towards the gospel.

Christ in your heart is like a torch that never runs out of batteries.

just like glass shimmers when catching the light of the sun in the same way we must reflect His love for us as we refract the beams of His truth to the world around us.

you see how water shimmers with delight when a sun beam bounces its ray off it.

in the same way when people see us they should want the sparkle for themselves that God places in our eyes .

they should be able to see His love for them by how we treat each other.

they should want it and crave it for themselves.

we need to make this world hungry for Gods light and disgusted with the darkness.

let us shine like radiant stars for the sake of our ever rescuing Lord.

just as the sun remains resilient to all attempts to blast holes through it and black it out in that same way we should never lose heart and daily increase in our boldness in sharing our faith .

we shouldn’t let anything or anybody including ourselves dampen our enthusiasm for the things of God.

He is the light at the end of the tunnel of life.

no matter how dark this world gets we just cling tighter to His holy light.

it is not by might nor by power but by His spirit that all the powers in hell are conquered and all living beings are brought in submission under His will.

don’t lose heart.

let your joy for Christ be irrepressible like a forest fire that burns throughout the earth which shall never smoke itself out til the day of His glorious return


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