1 Corinthians 6:15-20

a3206259155_10-1024x1024don’t you realize that your bodies are actually parts of Christ?

should a man take his body which is part of Christ and join it to a prostitute?


and don’t you realize that if a man joins himself with a prostitute he becomes one body with her?

for the scriptures say the two are united into one.

but the person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with HIm.

run from sexual sin!

no other sin clearly effects the body as this one does.

for sexual immorality is a sin against your own body.

don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God?

you do not belong to yourself for God bought you with a high price.

so you must honour God with your body.

🙂 Selah is my smiley faces meaning fyi btw ❤

it is mind blowing to think that my penis belongs to God.

that means it is not my right to do with as I wish as I have transferred ownership of its usage to HIm for holy purposes when I become a Christian.

to focus beyond my gender to give my lady friends something they can relate to my eyes and ears and mouth also belong to God.

my hands and feet belong to God so I should use them all to glorify Him.

I need to permit Him to be the master of my domain in order to gain control over it( my body) finding the strength to do so only through HIm.

you know that old song be careful little eyes what you see, little feet where you go , little hands what you do, for the father up above is looking down in love?

that applies to your situation and mine as well.

another way of thinking is advocated for us in Charles sheldons phenomenal book in his steps where he suggests before we make any decisions ask yourself what would Jesus do.

as 90s kids we took it for granted that everybody knows this acronym wwjd but it has to be retaught to incoming and current generations.

what it doesn’t mean is I am a card carrying member of the I go to church every week and therefore I am saved from hell or I give tithes and offerings every week and therefore I have an automatic guaranteed non refundable non transferable ticket to heaven club.

the last time I checked we only got that ticket through the blood of the lamb of God shed for us in forgiveness of sins.

I am not saying we should just watch and listen to Christian things such as Christian movies, read Christian books, hang out with Christians all the time , listen to Christian music only but the more we do this the more we feed our hearts and minds and souls godly food derived from heavenly wisdom so its good and healthy for us.

yes God can also speak through God honouring positive non Christian influences.

the litmus test is does it contradict His word and would He be proud of you for listening to watching this reading this or hanging out with these people and allowing them to influence you more than you are influencing them or force yourself to gag your mouth about your faith cos youre afraid of losing friends.

if you ever find yourself doing that you are better to burn your bridges rather than let your friends drag you down to hell.

as my friend ashlei reign quite rightly says you can be in their lives to influence them without hanging around them all the time or letting them be your most dominant influence.

most of us wouldn’t think twice about taking the advice that its foolish to go visit a prostitute cos not only does he or she give you sexually transmitted diseases your spirit creates soul ties with that person so every person you have sex with will leave a part of themselves inside you in some way.

this even works for virtual reality relationships involving cyber sex or phone sex on the internet.

this is a mystical thing but its also scientifically proven cos the pleasure you get from the release of oxytocin in the body caused by the sensation of physical touch is greater when a man and a woman have waited until they get married to have sex.

although many of us would not even consider prostituting our bodies we do prostitute our souls in what we choose to watch and listen to and who we choose to support the ideas of.

we only become whores of Babylon when we promote the world system over a lifestyle of godliness.

one translation I like says the two shall become one flesh.

this is powerful cos it makes you think of a welder how two items are joined together and they can never become separated.

this is not true in a spiritual sense cos God can break soul ties off your life but He cant save you from the consequences of your actions if you sleep with someone you will make yourself vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases if you don’t know their past sexual history.

yes God can heal your diseases but He wont stop you from initially contracting them .

you have to experience the consequence of your action before He can step in and intervene and point you in the right direction redeeming your life and reorientating it this side of heaven before its too late to cross that bridge to the infinite land of holiness.

it is amazing to think that God has made us one spirit with HIm.

this is a time to cross your thumbs over your pinkies and hold up both hands on either side of your face.

a real wow moment.

breathe it in – let that truth sink in deep- simmer in it for a few seconds.

we are part of Him.

we are reflections of HIs divine nature.

doesn’t that make you want to praise HIm cos He is in you if you believe in HIm?

it makes me want to jump for joy.

I want to fist pump everyone within a hundred mile radius and scream at the top of my lungs Jesus is Lord.

I want to look crazy for Jesus so people can crave the love He has placed in my heart for themselves.

sometimes being a Christian means being in an eggshell like place of hiddenness where its just you and Jesus for months on end.

this is only boring if you choose to make it boring.

so lets kika ashanike flip it if you choose to make it exciting then it is exciting.

life to some degree is what you make it and 100% what God permits it to be.

we are often the first to grieve when others sin or commit acts of wrongdoing against us yet the last to grieve when we sin against our own body by giving into sexual temptation.

don’t let the devil pull the wool over your eyes and get one over you by convincing you that its a sin to be tempted cos it isn’t.

you are not the one speaking those thoughts he is.

its only when you agree with that little monster ( in comparison to mighty Jesus all powerful supreme being) that his thoughts become your thoughts .

it’s amazing to think that the Holy Spirit lives in us.

yes rejoice you are God’s dwelling place.

now do you want His house to be filled with muck?

I hope the answer is no!

yes we have old thoughts that lie dormant inside us old images of things we indulged in long ago old activities the devil tries to constantly remind us of that we once participated in but your past is not your future.

allow God to reform and reshape your identity.

you are known as His child above all other ways of seeing yourself.

our souls have been bought with the blood of Christ.

this was the greatest act of love that ever was or will be.

we express our gratitude for Christs sacrifice by honouring Him in the way we use our bodies or how we allow them to be used by others.

if we misuse them we may lose them prematurely.

remember your heart is the ark of the covenant.

in you dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

you are a Holy Spirit temple so you must walk pure and blameless in His sight.

if you mess up do beat yourself up but don’t stay beaten up.

willingly receive the freedom found in walking unbound and unchained by the world and its ways one minute more!




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