Born 31 January 1983







N proud of it 😃






Slam spoken word

Works for cash

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. thanks for following my blog! you may not want to after reading the one about me being an agnostic athiest! but i have several christians following me even with no connection to bicycling, though my blog is about so much more. best of luck, your paiting is wonderful!

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    1. thank you. I love agnostics and atheists cos Jesus died on the cross for them too. if you would like to see more of my art please go to danrtproductions on facebook. I am desperate for sales. I am willing to work with you to arrange a suitable price bearing in mind that if you live overseas you will have to cover the cost of sending you my art . also anything u see is not available for purchase and I don’t do exact copies as I find it impossible but I can do something similar if you describe what you want 😉


      1. Thanks but I am unemployed so cannot afford luxuries. I wish you luck with your business. I hope to make money from my blog someday but this is rare. Also, I am Jewish, like Jesus was.

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      2. you are better off linking your blog with facebook cos there are more users on facebook or creating a youtube account or Instagram. I wish I knew what I was. I might be jewish. tell me what it is like to be jewish.


      3. Thank you for that suggestion. Many people.have said this and it’s a question if time or priorities. So I will consider it. I prefer to.aboid religious debate via WordPress comments. Respect others and they will respect you, that’s about it.

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  2. it is possible to debate in a loving and respectful manner. if we devalue the intelligence of those who oppose our views we are not behaving in a Christ like manner. I find it hard not to be insulting with my tongue. that is something God is working on in my life. you’re welcome. you can also generate income by working as an affiliate for montemlife.com camping equipment like I do. 🙂 I think we all have days where we wrestle with belief. trusting in God is less of an issue for me than avoiding letting Him down if I am totally honest about my sin instead of making excuses for it. sometimes I take too much pleasure in debating and have been known to just argue for arguments sake. I do try to only froth at the mouth though when I’m having my daily latte and get that inescapable caffeine moustache. its ok to disagree with me but I think it is a false belief to either say I don’t complain cos no one listens cos that person just hasn’t met the right set of ears attached to a caring heart yet or to say as my friend I consider foolish uttered just this week- I am incapable of avoiding reacting in an angry way to someone who disagrees with me or annoys me. he is obviously capable of avoiding anger cos he can control the severity of his responses. I would say his help comes from a divine source. I will pray God gives you a job. what kind of job do you want to do? I can tell you from experience that to work in a career which you have no passion for can quickly eradicate all remaining traces of what for want of a better term we might refer to as a soul 🙂


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