psalm 136

give thanks to the Lord for He is good His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to the God of gods His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to the Lord of lords His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to Him who alone does mighty miracles His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to Him who made the heavens so skilfully His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to Him who placed the earth among the waters His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to Him who made the heavenly lights His faithful love endures forever

the sun to rule the day ( His faithful love endures forever)

and the moon and stars to rule the night ( His faithful love endures forever)

give thanks to Him who killed the firstborn of Egypt His faithful love endures forever

He brought Israel out of Egypt His faithful love endures forever

He acted with a strong hand and powerful arm His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to Him who parted the red sea His faithful love endures forever

He led Israel safely through His faithful love endures forever

but He hurled pharaoh and His army into the red sea His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to Him who led His people through the wilderness His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to Him who struck down mighty kings His faithful love endures forever

He killed powerful kings ( His faithful love endures forever)

sihon king of the amorites (  His faithful love endures forever)

and og king of bashan ( His faithful love endures forever)

God gave the land of these kings as an inheritance His faithful love endures forever

a special possession to His servant Israel ( His faithful love endures forever)

He remembered us in or weakness His faithful love endures forever

He saved us from our enemies His faithful love endures forever

He gives food to every living thing His faithful love endures forever

give thanks to the God of heaven His faithful love endures forever

selah 🙂

in Hebrew when the psalmist uses the phrase faithful love they use a word hesed ( pronounced khesed) which means mercy and fidelity.

it is impossible for God to do be or think bad thoughts.

He is the perfect definition of goodness.

the psalmist does not mean that God is one of many Gods . He is the only God. all the rest are just imitators. what the psalmist means is those that are worshipped as gods who are really demons are less than nothing in comparison with the glory and power of our one true God Elohim.

the word lord is not in common usage today but it means someone you submit your authority to, so the psalmist is saying that all authority figures must ultimately submit to the ultimate authority figure Adonai.

if anyone thinks miracles are possible apart from God they are lying to themselves.

He is responsible for everything that happens that can and cant be explained by human logic.

you may look at the sky and not appreciate its complexity but when you think of how the clouds are able to hang on nothing and how the stars and planets are able to hang on nothing that just blows your mind to think that the only thing holding it up is the hands of God.

when God made the world there was only water to begin with. then He separated part of the water to make part of the waters end up  becoming the sky and part of it becoming the land , rivers, lakes and oceans.

we don’t need the sun to make plants grow. God uses light independently of that but He uses the sun to keep us from stumbling around in the darkness. ditto the moon.

obviously the Egyptians wouldn’t have been celebrating Gods mercy when He permitted the destruction of their firstborn children cos of their pharaohs disobedience but that tragic event might have driven them into His arms realizing He was the only one capable of rescuing them and He was the one that stuck joseph in a position of power to give them seven years of plenty.

God caused pharaohs heart to be softened so he would give the Israelites permission to leave but even if he didn’t He would have made a way for His people to escape out the evil kings clutches.

Gods power is limitless.

outstretched arm creates a mental picture of both strength and mercy.

we couldn’t even part the ocean with a dam.

the walls would break but all God needed was a single puff of HIs omnipotent breath 🙂

when the Israelites were passing through the red sea they would have been shaking in their boots but God was faithful to deliver them like He will always be for us.

if pharaoh had been obedient to God and turned to Him even in HIs last breath He would have been merciful and spared HIs soul but He remained stubborn and unrepentant til the end.

God used a pillar of fire by day and a cloud by night to guide His people through the wilderness.

it would have only taken them a few days journey but they were disobedient so they had to wait until they were all dead and their kids were grown up for His promise to bring His people into a land of milk and honey to be fulfilled forty years later.

God allowed all kings who stood in the way of the prosperity of His chosen people to be mowed down.

He gave the land of the Canaanite kings into the hands of the children of Israel.

even when Israel was being disobedient to God He always preserved a remnant of faithful believers.

even though He allowed HIs people to be killed and taken into captivity He always ultimately brought them spiritual victory through gaining the greatest prize of heaven if they but remained obedient to HIm.

God gives us fruits and vegetables birds and animals to eat.

He gives fruits and vegetables to the animals and birds to eat.

He gives fruits for the non carnivorous birds to eat.

He breaks down the bones and blood of the birds into fertilizer to cause the fruits and vegetables to grow.

He provides rain and light to help the fruits and vegetables to grow.

He takes care of everything we need in this life.

every being in the universe is dependent upon His providence.

He is God both of heaven and earth.

He has Lordship and mastery over every little thing.

one day if we remain faithful to Him He will take us home to be with Him in paradise.

I can’t wait for that glorious majestic most wondrous day of all days to arrive ❤



psalm 135

praise the Lord

praise the name of the Lord

praise Him you who serve the Lord , you who serve in the house of the Lord

in the courts of the house of our God

praise the Lord for the Lord is good celebrate His lovely name with music

for the Lord has chosen Jacob for Himself , Israel for His own special treasure

I know the greatness of the Lord that our Lord is greater than any other god

the Lord does whatever pleases Him throughout all heaven and earth and on the seas and in their depths

He causes the clouds to rise over the whole earth

He sends the lightning with the rain and releases the wind from His storehouses

He destroyed the firstborn in each Egyptian home both people and animals

He performed miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt against pharaoh and all his people

He struck down great nations and slaughtered mighty kings – sihon king of the amorites, og king of bashan and all the kings of canaan

He gave their land as an inheritance, a special possession to His people Israel

your name O Lord endures forever , your fame O Lord is known to every generation for the Lord will give justice to His people and have compassion on His servants

the idols of the nations are merely things of silver and gold shaped by human hands

they have mouths but cannot speak and eyes but cannot see

they have ears but cannot hear and noses but cannot smell and those who make idols are just like them  as are all who trust in them

O Israel praise the Lord

O priests- descendants of aaron- praise the Lord

O levites- praise the Lord

all you who fear the Lord praise the Lord

the Lord be praised from zion for He lives here in jerusalem

praise the Lord

selah 🙂

God’s name is the only name we should praise cos it is the only one capable of saving our souls from the fires of hell.

God calls us all to serve in His house.

His house is the heart of every human who has dedicated their life to the glory and honour of Him.

every day we have a reason to praise God cos He gives us breath and heartbeats, He causes our blood to clot and flow when necessary.

He fills the air with beautiful  birdsong and fills our gardens with gorgeous looking flowers splendid sunrises and sunsets adorn our skies and fruit and vegetables and herbs provide nourishment to our bodies thanks to His guidance of their growth.

God has a special connection with the people of Israel but that doesn’t mean everybody else is any less treasured by Him.

the psalmist does not mean that other gods exist for all other beings posing as god are truly demons in disguise but He is greater than them cos He is their maker who made them uncorrupted yet they chose to walk in rebellion and destroy their futures.

God has given us free will so we are able to choose to disobey Him but it is HIs will that we worship HIm in spirit and truth .

He is continually in the process of wooing every heart and soul to decide for themselves to worship HIm alone.

although it is true that God does whatever He pleases and He does not change His nature Abrahams ability to negotiate with God over the amount of deaths in Sodom and Gomorrah proves He is both capable of being fair and reasonable and of changing His mind.

never let it  be said that rain or a cooling breeze hails its origins from anywhere but the throne of God causing both to come and go where He desires and nowhere else.

if the Egyptians had repented of their false idol worship God would have spared their lives along with the Israelites.

God sent plagues to Egypt.

the people suffered as a result of their leader or pharaohs disobedience.

og was known as a cruel king who cut off the fingers and toes of his enemies so they would forever need someone to assist them everywhere they went cos they were no longer able to walk properly cos they had no inbuilt God placed sense of direction which resides in those four particular digits.

God permitted the rulers of canaan to die on the battlefield cos they refused to surrender the land of Israel to HIs chosen people without conflict involving bloodshed.

as long as there are humans breathing on this planet people will always be familiar with the holy name of Elohim.

if we want justice to be done in our lives and if we want others to be compassionate to us then their displays of fairness and kindness are contingent upon our obedience to God.

its crazy how people put their trust in idols which they carve with their own hands instead of in Jesus who breathed the world to life and gave them the raw materials.

its no good saying your prayers to an idol they cant talk back to you.

its pointless wearing your prettiest dress around them cos they cant see you

it doesn’t matter how beautiful your voice is youre wasting your breath on an idol cos they cant hear you

you needn’t spend thousands of dollars splashing expensive perfume on yourself near an idol or burning joss or incense sticks for an idol as their nose is as useless as a donkeytail would be on a bumblebee.

they say people who make statues in honour of demons or idols for a living become closed off and introverted.

there is a spiritual side effect  that  takes place of struggling to express yourself  verbally.

there are some demons posing as gods who are known by the followers of that religion for their destructive nature.

we find this emulation of evil behaviour played out in hedonistic sex drives that show no respect for the body of the person they are abusing or taking advantage of.

it is also played out in a vicious nature evidenced by false deities that are worshipped by the gruesome act of eating people.

their character may also be evidenced by those who act like false deities known for their capricious or deceitful nature.

we know the devil is a liar and the father of all lies.

those who follow him inevitably act like he does.

we know that in Hinduism they have false demons worshipped as gods who are known to be tricksters and allah in islam is known as a deceiver.

we know in Christianity our one true God Elohim otherwise known as Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is only capable of telling the truth because it is part of His essence.

He is not a man that He should lie.

He is always faithful to keep His promises.

our dreams will only be brought to fulfilment if they are in line with HIs holy will.

levi had a responsibility to God to worship Him all the days of His life and teach HIs sons to do the same so that God would maintain an unbroken legacy and covenant of using HIm in His service.

it is a mark of Gods grace that He continued to use aaron as His priest even after he displeased HIm by complaining against moses and acting like a foolish racist.

fear in the sense the psalmist means it refers to respecting and honouring God.

it is His will that no harm should fall upon us so we should never be shaking in our boots when we can feel HIs presence unless we are stepping outside that tranquil place of intimate connection with HIs heart by failing to be obedient to Him.

just like Gods presence was with the Israelis in zion He can be with us right now if we just accept HIm in our hearts and switch our focus and attention on the wonder of His holiness.

we will never know this side of heaven what it is like to be incapable of sinning.

that’s why when we reach heaven our minds will be blown at the sight of HIs perfection cos our eyes can never witness such flawlessness on earth. ❤




psalm 134

OH praise the Lord all you servants of the Lord you who serve at night in the house of the Lord

lift up holy hands in prayer and praise the Lord

may the Lord who made heaven and earth bless you from jerusalem

selah 😉

day and night the temple of God was full of priests, singers, musicians and gatekeepers.

they operated on a shift system so that all the members of the tribe of levi had the opportunity both to serve the Lord in His temple and rest in His presence and recharge their batteries in the comfort of their own homes before going back to an active conscious state of worship.

we are not in charge of our subconscious state of mind when we are sleeping but if we are careful to fill our conscious mind with godly sounds and images then we are less likely to have nocturnal visions which are detestable in Gods sight.

if you want to find out more about the shifts and role of the priests of Israel including the instruments they played please visit

I would like to highlight the information available on this page about two facts that stood out to me.

one is the distinction of singers from musicians in that singers all came from the same family but musicians didn’t which makes sense cos everyone can sing but not everyone can play an instrument and not everyone who can play an instrument can play the same instrument as others who also play instruments.

another fact that stood out to me was the nugget of wisdom that as a priest or temple worker you had to possess a pure heart or be in a state of unblemished right standing before God however temporal that happened to be or else you would run the risk of being killed for defiling Gods holy temple with your contaminated self.

you could run this risk by offering an inappropriate sacrifice for example a lamb with a crippled knee or if you had committed a sin and not made peace with God  before entering through the temple gates.

it is not necessary to lift our hands when we praise the Lord or pray.

this is just a position of surrender that demonstrates to the world we are offering up all of ourselves and placing it down at the feet of Jesus.

we praise the Lord not only with the fruit of our lips but also the tasty nuts of our actions and in the battle we wage in our thoughts when we make a conscientious effort not to be swayed by the persuasive voice of the enemy attempting to convince us that God doesn’t care about our sin when nothing  could be further from the truth.

He cares about every detail of our lives.

He wants us to share our joys and pains with Him.

He longs to be in relationship with us.

He wants to work His miracle of salvation in our hearts and transform our lives forever.

gratitude is physically demonstrative.

it is only in the possession of God alone ( the knowledge of whether our hearts are truly reflecting HIs glory and if we are living lives that are devoted to Him or still holding out on HIm and keeping back part of ourselves for our control instead of letting HIm have HIs way in us and take over us completely.

once God sent out rays and reverberations of HIs glory from HIs temple in Jerusalem now they emanate throughout the world from the new Jerusalem of His heavenly home which they will continue to do until that majestic moment when His celestial city invades earth and the two become merged into one restoring this world to its former state of perfection before sin ruined it for everybody ❤


psalm 133

how wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony

for harmony is as precious as the anointing oil that was poured over Aarons head that ran down his beard and onto the border of his robe

harmony is as refreshing as the dew from mount hermon that falls on the mountains of zion

and there the Lord has pronounced His blessing even life everlasting

selah 🙂

this is another psalm written by  david.

it is a song for pilgrims ascending a mountain to worship at the temple in Jerusalem.

since adam and eve’s blame shifting exercise in eden mankind has always been engaged in quarrels with each other, ranging from the extreme examples of cain killed his brother abel to a mild spat over who can cook the perfect omelette between rival chefs.

I am sure we would all love to live in a world of peace where everybody gets along with each other like a house on fire.

the main thing preventing this from happening is the fact we are born sinners and until we resolve that conflict within us by choosing to follow Jesus there will always be tension within us.

it is true that if we help to build each other up and support each other that we will get further in life and we will achieve more both as individuals, states, nations and corporate entities , clubs or charitable institutions.

one major obstacle preventing the kingdom of God from advancing is fighting between churches.

we don’t all have to agree on every area of doctrine apart from the staples of believing that Jesus is God and that He rose from the dead and died on the cross to save the world from sin. it is also important that we give equal CREEDENCE and value to the spoken and written word of God.

when the body of Christ builds each other up instead of tearing each other down it is a powerful witness to the world and an attractive drawcard to make people want to be like Jesus and have HIm living in their hearts if HIs followers look like they actually like each other. 😉

we must be so saturated in harmony that no trace of contention is visible amongst our ranks.

we must be a united army for Christ.

part of being united as a body is acknowledging those areas in which the church has shown weakness in not dealing with sexual misconduct and heretical teaching in a timely manner.

we cant change the past but we can change the future.

it is important that we put behind us and deal with the issue of racial separation between churches and the mindset that exists in some branches of our family tree as believers that one culture is superior to another- be it our own or another dwarfing us intellectually.

every culture has something to contribute to the body of Christ.

its important to know where to draw the line with what is glorifying to God in our individual cultures and what pulls us away from righteousness

we sing about God bringing times of refreshing to our souls when we are weary from the fight and trying to do whats right.

in the same way we bring joy to Gods spirit when He looks down at us and sees us helping each other to go further in the things of God instead of back biting and engaging in infighting at the expense of making progress in our walk with HIm.

if one part of the body of Christ is sick the whole of the body is sick.

we must be careful to come alongside folks who have fallen sick or who are involved in sin who have caused others to stumble cos it reflects badly on us if Christ’s body looks like a compromising lethargic enfeebled bride who is dragging her feet through the mud.

we need to deal with sin and cut it out of our lives.

in the case of leadership which has gotten involved in sin its better that those people are still used in Gods kingdom in a more servile capacity.

it serves no purpose to permanently isolate them from church meetings cos that drives a wedge between them and God and pushes them further away from HIm.

it is possible that after a time of humbling that God might permit that person to be used again to build HIs church but I would advise to exercise extreme caution in pursuing this path as we want to do everything possible to ensue Gods sheep do not follow the wrong shepherd into perilous situations that jeopardize the future of their souls.

if we want the best time of eternal life spent close to Gods throne and walking on HIs golden streets we must be careful not to allow strife to destroy the tranquil atmosphere developed over time between God and man and between us and our fellow humans.

it is not wrong to have denominational differences only if we allow those differences to be used as fodder for the fire of animosity between different expressions of the same faith.

I am talking about those within the cloak-folds of Christianity not those of other religions though this can equally be applied to interacting with those of other religions to always maintain a focus of mutual respect even if by necessity we must agree to disagree on the all important bone of contention over where we choose to spend eternity and how we manage to escape incessant punishment beyond the extent of this mortal coil to bear its influence upon.

some think in order to get along with people from other religions we have to believe everything they say and believe the lie that all religions are the same.

this couldn’t be further from the truth.

unless we are willing to acknowledge the fact that there are distinct differences between the varying religions of the world we will never approach inter religious dialogue with honesty nor indeed will we advance in any shape or form.

unity is obtained in the truest and purest sense when every idea or being that attempts to exalt itself above Elohim is brought to its knees in surrender before HIs majesty. ❤


psalm 132

Lord remember david and all that he suffered

He made a solemn promise to the Lord he vowed to the mighty one of Israel I will not go home I will not let myself rest

I will not let my eyes sleep nor close my eyelids in slumber

until I find a place to build a house for the Lord , a sanctuary for the mighty one of israel

we heard that the ark was in ephrathah then we found it in the distant countryside of jaar

let us go to the sanctuary of the Lord let us worship at the footstool of His throne

arise O Lord and enter your resting place along with the ark the symbol of your power

may your priests be clothed in godliness may your loyal servants sing for joy

for the sake of your servant david do not reject the king you have anointed

the Lord swore an oath to david with a promise He will never take back I will place one of your descendants on your throne if your descendants obey the terms of my covenant and the laws that I teach them then your royal line will continue forever and ever

for the Lord has chosen Jerusalem He has desired it for His home

this is my resting place forever He said I will live here for this is the home I desired

I will bless this city and make it prosperous I will satisfy its poor with food

I will clothe its priests with godliness its faithful servants will sing for joy

here I will increase the power of david my anointed one will be a light for my people

I will clothe his enemies with shame but he will be a glorious king

selah 🙂

this is another song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem to worship God in the temple.

david suffered the loss of his best friend jonathan, the loss of his first son with Bathsheba, the loss of Absalom and adoniyahu or adonijah  due to the uprisings they organized against him, the loss of thousands of members of his army and general population after he lost trust in God and took a census of his people taking more confidence in his own might than he did in Gods.

he also would have suffered humiliation when the ark was temporarily stolen by the philistines and when his son amnon raped his sister tamar even after she was willing to give herself to him if he just had a little patience and waiting for their wedding ceremony.

jewish weddings take longer than the ones we know in the uk but if he really loved her he would have waited a lifetime for her like Jacob Israel did waiting seven years for an unloved bride and seven extra for the one he wanted the first time before he got gypped with the other less comely sister.

I am not saying that physical appearance counts for more than character but just that jake didn’t get the woman he wanted initially . 🙂

david organized all the materials to build a temple for God in Jerusalem but he wasn’t permitted by God to build it cos he was a man of war and God needed HIs house to be built by a man of peace in order for it to be a pure anointed place where His presence can dwell.

think a while about the fact that in the temple of God you are literally entering a portal into a spiritual dimension that takes you directly into heaven to the place where God is sitting in judgment and loving observance over us.

Gods power is symbolized both by His law and grace.

you cannot see godliness as a physical thing but you can see it displayed through kind hearted and morally upright actions.

we can be full of happiness regardless of the circumstances cos our hearts and souls belong to Jesus.

there is no mountain too big He cant remove it from our path.

there is nothing too difficult for HIm to deal with on our behalf.

the Israelites didn’t keep up their end of the bargain and remain obedient to God but He always remained true to His word and maintained the royal bloodline of david even after the jews were carted off into exile.

davids bloodline continued to prosper . out of it came Gods only son Jesus.

He was the ultimate fulfilment of Gods promise to bless and preserve the bloodline of david from generation to generation.

we don’t know why God chose Jerusalem but choose it he did even though during davids lifetime the pagan king of Jerusalem said it could never be conquered- by humans maybe but when the power of Jesus is flowing through you demons tremble and giants hide their faces cos they don’t wanna mess with the God in you. 🙂

if we have Jesus living in our hearts we will rest forever in HIs home the new Jerusalem that will never be destroyed by invading armies , erosion or neglect.

the jews prospered cos there was always a remnant of them who put God first in their lives.

they prioritized pleasing Him above their own selves.

God calls us to be HIs hands and feet and provide clothes for the poor and food and shelter for the homeless.

when we are doing kind deeds for others we are really doing them for Jesus.

david was powerful cos for the most part he submitted his will to his father in heaven.

God gave him the skill to consolidate power and make friends with neighbouring countries like king hiram of tyre. he made peace with the philistines by giving up sauls relatives to be killed all except for mephibosheth and jonathans family.

everyone who spoke ill or tried to persecute david brought harm upon themselves.

because david had a heart of worship and spend a vast portion of his life in intimate fellowship with God all the other kings who possessed a spirit of goodness were compared favourably with him.

david was only ever glorious cos his life reflected the glory of the son of God influencing his decisions.


psalm 131

Lord my heart is not proud my eyes are not haughty

I don’t concern myself with matters too great or too awesome for me to grasp

instead I have calmed and quieted myself like a weaned child who no longer cries for its mothers milk

yes like a weaned child is my soul within me

O Israel put your hope in the Lord – now and always

selah 😉

this is another song for pilgrims ascending a mountain to worship God in a temple at Jerusalem.

this one was written by king david.

I know I have problems with arrogance and davids words remind me of the necessity of maintaining a humble heart.

I don’t want to lose any more friends .

david wasn’t too proud to dance in his underwear in the streets cos he was proud of what his God had enabled his people to achieve.

it is funny to me to hear david talking about not concerning himself with awesome matters cos most of his psalms are about the awesomeness of our God.

it is true that he was a man of war and a shepherd. often in times of war or in the process of protecting your lambs from lions and bears you would not have time to over complicate life by over complicating its complexity to the point where it does your head in just to examine the sheer magnitude that encompasses the sheer totality of existence.

david claims to have brought peace to himself but we must remember that the one who is bringing him peace is his Lord and maker Jesus Christ.

when a child is weaned it is able to eat for itself.

perhaps david is referring to a moment in his life where he suddenly found himself thrust into independence.

he had many moments like this in his life such as when he was thrust into the task of taking on goliath or when he first escaped from king sauls wrath and had to temporarily live life on the run.

we all know that a child with a full stomach is happy and content.

this is how david finds himself wrapped in the comforting arms of Christ.

just as the Israelites can always count on God preserving a faithful remnant of people dedicated to serving Him amongst their ranks we can also take confidence in Gods ability to come through for us and deliver us from any mess our sins inadvertently cause to fall upon our heads.


psalm 130

from the depths of despair O Lord I call for your help

hear my cry O Lord pay attention to my prayer

Lord if you kept a record of our sins who O Lord could ever survive?

but you offer forgiveness that we might learn to fear you

I am counting on the Lord, yes I am counting on HIm

I have put my hope in His word

I long for the lORD MORE than sentries long for the dawn

yes more than sentries long for the dawn

O Israel hope in the Lord for with the Lord  there is unfailing love His redemption overflows

He Himself will redeem Israel from every kind of sin

selah 🙂

this is another song for pilgrims ascending the mountain in Jerusalem to worship in the temple.

we grew up singing these first two verses swapped around with one added line- hear my cry O Lord attend unto my prayer from the ends of the earth do I cry out to thee when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than i.

despair can feel like a deep pit we will never get out of sometimes but we must resist personalizing that lie from the enemy as our own thought .

we don’t need to stay victims of sadness and hopelessness cos we have a beautiful saviour who died for us to provide a solution to every problem in the universe with HIs blood.

God is always listening to us even when we stick our fingers in our ears when He is trying to convict our conscience not to do wrong or prodding our spirits urging us to do something to display HIs love so that others might fall in love with HIm and become HIs kids and not just HIs creations.

1 Corinthians 13 tells us not to keep a record of wrongs but its ok for God to keep a record of our wrongs cos Hes God- only He has that right never us though.

if we find fault in others we are operating outside of HIs will unless we do it in such a way that acknowledges our own need to be repaired by the workshop of Gods heart.

the more we focus on HIs word and apply it to our lives the less sin will remain in mastery over us.

if it was not for God showing us forgiveness we would never be able to serve Him affectively cos we would always be dragging around the ball and chain of our sins. we must not let them linger in our minds like bats in a cave. we must be careful to take them to the cross and leave them there. we must leave no stone unturned and continually ask God to forgive both the sins we are aware of committing and those we do in ignorance without realizing it.

we must not think we need to be perfect in order to be used by God. that is only a prerequisite for entry into heaven not evangelism.

God has used atheists to lead people to God cos they had a great knowledge of the bible.

He has used songs by people from false religions and art by people who were on the fence about whether God exists to cause HIs truth to leap into our spirits that He is as real as the nose on our faces and He is ever willing to create clean hearts in us and utilize us in the advancement of HIs kingdom.

fear means respect in this context.

God can permit our destruction but its His will that we all flourish under the safety of HIs wings.

God’s logos and rhema HIs spoken and written word HIs son nature and HIs ruach HOly Spirit breath of life are dependable and trustworthy.

God will never let you down even if people do.

He will always come through for you and give you the strength to keep on going even when you’re at the end of your tether unsure if you can weather one more storm and keep a smile superglued to your face.

if you were supposed to look after a fort and you couldn’t rest for a single second cos you were protecting it from enemy invaders or common thieves in your own kingdom you too would welcome dawns signal of relief- being relieved of your duties and allowed to sleep when someone else swaps over and takes the next shift.

it has been said that the majority of crimes occur at night so the night guard would have to cop the lions share of vigilant peering out into the darkness being ready to quickly spring into action at the first sign of trouble.

we must be so eager to know more of our saviours nature and have it embody us that it is what we think about more than anything else.

even when everyone else proves themselves to be fickle in their fidelity we can always count on God to continually shower HIs love upon us regardless of whether we are HIs followers. it is only those who choose to love HIm though who partake of His eternal reward.

God is continually engaged in the process of forgiving sins.

He only had to go on the cross once but He has never stopped pulling people away from hellfire and doing everything in HIs power to convince us to turn our heels around and head in the right direction when we find ourselves going astray.

just as God has promised to redeem Israel from their sins in the same way He will do it for us if only we are willing to receive it and acknowledge our need for HIm can never be superseded by anything in this life.

there is no treasure greater than possessing the knowledge that we are seated in heavenly places with HIm and if we remain obedient we will experience HIm in the full radiance of HIs glory which He keeps from us enjoying now cos our finite minds couldn’t handle the fullness of HIs incredible majesty revealed all at once. ❤ !!!WIN_20180104_09_46_48_Pro