psalm 129

from my earliest youth my enemies have persecuted me

let all Israel repeat this: from my earliest youth my enemies have persecuted me but they have never defeated me

my back is covered with cuts as if a farmer had ploughed long furrows , but the Lord is good, He has cut me free from the ropes of the ungodly

may all who hate Jerusalem be turned back in shameful defeat

may they be as useless as grass on a rooftop , turning yellow when only half grown

ignored by the harvester, despised by the binder and may those who pass by refuse to give them this blessing ” the Lord bless you, we bless you in the Lord’s name”

selah 😉

this is another song for pilgrims ascending up the mountain to worship God in the temple at Jerusalem.

I hope and pray there are some people in the world who have never experienced the horrible feeling when someone wounds you either with  fists, weapons or words.

sometimes it can be the action of isolation- deliberately refraining from associating with you  cos they think you smell or they think you are one of those people who will seize their attention like a leech does a leg and constantly pummel them with questions even after they cry mercy and beg you to cease.

sometimes people will throw things at you or make you give them your lunch or force you to do embarrassing things like take off your clothes or swear at a teacher under threat of facing a smack in the face or a mouth dripping with blood.

we can choose whether we allow bullies to defeat us and cheat us out of our destiny or we can rise above the torment they cause us to suffer and force them to laugh out the other sides of their faces when the Lord causes us to triumph and prosper in life.

Israel had often faced setbacks since its founding as a nation.

many other nations attacked it but the underdog triumphed and God always came through for little Israel preserving the faith and bodies of His faithful soul daughter.

the back covered with cuts reminds me of the 39 times Jesus’s back was sliced open with bits of bone and glass using a lead tipped whip for the sake of our salvation.

the verse about breaking ropes reminds me of how God enabled Samson to escape when he was beset with troubles after Delilah tricked him into having his hands tied with ropes prior to the arrival of the philistines coming to take him away yet finding themselves having to return empty handed back to their illegally occupied homes.

if hating Israel results in defeat we had better be careful how we treat Gods chosen people. we must treat them with love and respect cos it is the branch out of which our souls salvation sprung .

we as believers have been grafted into the true vine of Jesus.

we can learn from this psalm not to plant grass on a rooftop unless you like your grass dead yellow and completely useless 🙂

grass is only good being yellow if it is turning yellow at the proper time. if it ages prematurely it is too weak to be used as straw, hence the reason for the binder man’s reluctance to obtain even a single blade of it for his services.

if a harvester ignores something it means he or she leaves it to rot.

we see this happen in the fruit picking industry when old fruit is left to rot on the ground rather than contaminate a bucket full of healthy produce .

to those who do not believe in Jesus it may not seem to be a thing of significance to not receive the Lord’s blessing but let me reassure you that it is a very dangerous and unhealthy place to be if you are walking outside of Gods will and favour.

if this is the case for you I strongly advise you to get back on the right track and seek Gods face immediately.

the best way for us to live a life of victory and success is to show honour and respect for both God and His chosen people.

because of His blood shed on the cross we have a reason to celebrate cos we are one with the Israelites. we are sharing in the inheritance that was promised to them.

if we repent of our sins every time we mess up and believe that Jesus is Lord ( the one who we should seek out before making any decision) then we will partake of the treasures of heaven.

salvation is assured by the steadfastness of our faith and the measure of our continual devotion to the one who breathed the world to life and crafted us all lovingly in the workshop of His all reaching hands which expand beyond the limits of the universe ❤



psalm 128

how joyful are those who fear the Lord all who follow HIs ways

you will enjoy the fruit of your labor

how joyful and prosperous you will be

your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine flourishing within your home

your children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they sit around your table

that is the Lords blessing for those who fear HIm

may the Lord continually bless you from zion

may you see Jerusalem prosper as long as you live

may you live to enjoy your grandchildren

may Israel have peace

selah 😉

this is another song for pilgrims climbing up the mountain to worship in the temple at Jerusalem.

respecting the Lord and honouring HIs holy name doesn’t mean you will always be happy but it does mean you will be free from guilt and overflowing with contentment.

in terms of eternal reward you will enjoy the fruit of your labour but you might not be around to see all your dreams come true. some of your dreams are turned to flesh for beyond your grave.

if your wife is fruitful it means she will have lots of kids.

this is a good thing cos it means at least one of them will look after you in your old age.

if they don’t you can always disinherit them 🙂 ha ha jokes

to flourish means to prosper or succeed in life.

for us as Christians the true definition of prosperity means to make it to heaven so live a godly sinless life and you’ll get there my friend ❤

for your children to be vigorous also means they will have kids of their own.

if we do not reproduce children or if we are not useful for Gods kingdom in some other way we may as well not be breathing.

it is in serving HIm that we find our purpose.

if you are wondering why you are not having kids maybe its cos you are not treating God with respect and walking in obedience to HIm.

of course you could be the most obedient person in the world and you could just be infertile cos of your family history and God just wants to test your faithfulness to HIm and use you as a mother or father to other little ones 🙂

God blesses you with breath and heartbeats and the beauty of His creation.

His greatest blessing is the salvation He gained for us with the cost of HIs bloodshed.

Jerusalem will prosper as long as a remnant is preserved within its walls of faithful soldiers for Christ.

I hope and pray that everyone will be blessed by God with kids and grandkids and get to watch both generations grow up if not great grandkids which is extremely rare but it is becoming more common as people have kids younger and younger.

whatever your situation I pray God will bless you and keep you safe in HIs mighty hand and that not just Israel but all who are known by their identity as children of the Israel- the God who prevails over all obstacles in HIs path ❤ WIN_20180104_09_46_24_Pro

psalm 127

unless the Lord builds a house the work of the builders is wasted

unless the Lord protects a city guarding it with sentries will do no good

it is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night

anxiously working for food to eat for God gives rest to His loved ones

children are a gift from the Lord they are a reward from Him

children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands

how joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them

He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates

selah 🙂

this is another song written for pilgrims climbing up the mountain to a temple in Jerusalem.

this was written by david’s son Solomon- the 3rd king of Israel and the last king to hold the throne of Israel as a united nation of twelve tribes and two half tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.

we can interpret solomons words as many have to relate to our plans for the future.

we are foolish and putting ourselves in the way of danger if we attempt to construct the possibilities of our destiny without enlisting the assistance of our grand designer .

remember He has both the power to provide the raw materials for building our dreams and to permit their destruction.

this does not change His loving nature one iota.

calamity occurs either as a result of disobedience or Gods willingness to test our faith in which case there will be a reward waiting for us at the end of the dark tunnel of our disappointments otherwise known as eternal life of the most blessed variety in His celestial city.

if God wants to punish a city for its disobedience to Him or prove their faithfulness you can have the most affective weaponry in the world and it will prove as useless as egypts attempt to crush Israel in one of the shortest wars in history.

Solomon is not saying its a sin to work just that it is pointless to devote so much of your energy to earning money that you neglect to do what is necessary for survival e.g eating drinking and sleeping which all our bodies need to replenish the energy we spend in those portions of our day we usually occupy in frenetic activity or in the case of some of us who just stay awake at night cos we have too much energy that never got let out of its can we need to do more to exhaust ourselves and stay away from sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages ( in excess consumption) which cause us to be buzzing with energy we don’t necessarily need to have running around jumping all over our bodies.

it is awesome to think that God loves us even if we are sinners. even if we are ignorant of everything He is continually doing for us.

I am still waiting for God to bring me a reward of children . maybe I have to become more mature and responsible before I’m ready to handle them then  He will trust me with a fertile woman who is ready to start a little tribe with me 🙂

when Solomon says kids are like arrows in your hand it doesn’t mean they are pricking your hand although they can certainly cause pain as well as pleasure to their parents, he means that you will have your hands full like a man who has a pouch full of arrows or a bow loaded up ready to strike at a target.

we wonder what Solomon means when he is talking about a man being accused at the city gates.

all of us have faced accusation from time to time.

having kids certainly doesn’t make you immune to criticism.

it is my prayer that all who face accusations be they false or true will live their lives in accordance with the behaviour of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and be redeemed by the power of HIs love ❤ WIN_20180104_09_46_14_Pro



psalm 126

when the Lord brought back His exiles to Jerusalem it was like a dream

we were filled with laughter and we sang for joy and  the other nations said ‘what amazing things the Lord has done for them”

yes the Lord has done amazing things for us. what joy

restore our fortunes Lord as streams renew the desert

those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy

they weep as they go to plant their seed but they sing as they return with the harvest

selah 🙂

the wealthy jews were taken into captivity in Babylon for 70 years while the poor jews remained behind and land was redistributed to them in the absence of its owners.

according to those who were exiled in Babylon called themselves bene gola or children of the exiles

it was nebuchadnezzar the king of the chaldeans who sent them into exile and king cyrus of Persia ( modern iran) who brought them home.

according to this website the jews in exile developed a doctrinal shift from a focus on judgment to a focus on salvation because they were very much in need of a deliverer having been stuck in a situation of being vassals to what amounted to an emperor , used to build his city walls and other structures.

you can imagine how the jewish people felt at this time like a burden had been lifted off their back. of course  there was tension faced between those who were coming home to reclaim their land and those who now saw the land that was once possessed by others as their own but mixed with that resentment would be joy over being reunited with family members and the rapture over being restored to a semblance of nationhood again.

you can imagine the songs of how God had won victories for them in the past being sung in the air. you can picture the dancing and the feasting that went on in that happy moment. you can stick yourself in their shoes and imagine their sacrifice of praise reaching up to Gods nostrils and bringing HIm pleasure as He rejoiced over His chosen people with singing inhaling the pleasing fragrance of their grateful hearts.

when you think of all the obstacles the jews have faced all the holocausts and poverty they have dealt with, from gas chambers to watching your babies be killed in front of you only to go from rags to riches you cannot help but gasp in awe at Gods mighty hand working behind the scenes to preserve the lives of His people.

we see how Gods favour was showered upon the people of Israel in giving them permission to own their own land and govern it as they see fit.

much blood has been shed. many tears have flooded the soil to bring about the fulfilment of Gods promise to restore Israel back to their land.

do the people weep as they plant cos they consider all the loss of lives that brought them to this victorious moment?

like they say no pain no gain but oh to have the gain without the pain.

yet it is the pain that makes the victory that much sweeter and richer and appreciated on the deepest level.

it is far more rewarding and you value something far more when you have to fight for it than if you get it handed to you on a platter.

in the same way the jews had to fight to regain their land we have to work at maintaining our salvation by living holy lives that are pleasing and honouring to the Lord and being careful not to sin lest we forfeit the precious gift of salvation God has given us ❤


psalm 125

those who trust in the Lord are as secure as mount zion they will not be defeated but will endure forever

just as the mountains surround Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds HIs people both now and forever

the wicked will not rule the land of the godly for then the godly might be tempted to do wrong

O Lord do good to those who are good whose hearts are in tune with you but banish those who turn to crooked ways O Lord

take them away with those who do evil

may Israel have peace

selah 😉

this is another song written for pilgrims ascending a mountain to pray in the temple at Jerusalem.

in the sense that nothing anybody says or does to us can snuff out the lamp of our salvation unless we allow it to encourage us to commit sin it is impossible for us to be defeated by humans.

a mountain can crumble due to erosion but Gods kingdom is completely indestructible.

we can draw strength and comfort from the knowledge that God and HIs angels are surrounding us and breathing His peace and joy into our spirits especially when we are facing turbulent situations such as a home destroyed by natural disaster, impending financial ruin, debt piled up past our eyeballs or a relationship that seems to be teetering on the edge of a cliff with no hope of redemption save divine intervention.

God isn’t going anywhere . He is close to the broken hearted. He has promised in HIs word to never leave us or forsake us.

in a very real sense the wicked are taking over from the godly in terms of global leadership but we can deal with this situation. we just have to remind ourselves we are citizens of heaven and our land lies beyond the stars and it can never be tainted by the corrupt influence of the wicked one who lurks either around or within us.

daily television computers phones movies billboards and the whispers of satanic forces tempt us to do wrong but we have a mighty God who is continually in the process of crushing the devil under HIs feet and refusing to allow us to stay down and defeated by the foe of mankind .

the Lord is no respecter of persons . He does good to those who participate in good and evil deeds alike but there are treasures reserved exclusively for those who walk in a lifestyle of holiness that the wicked will never be able to partake of.

what does it mean to have a heart that’s in tune with our creator? sometimes its as simple as getting back to nature and turning off our electronic devices. sometimes we have to physically remove ourselves from our circumstances and surround ourselves with people who remind us of who we are in Christ instead of continually brainwashing us with the lies of the enemy about our identity.

the more we find our identity in Christ the more we will be in tune with Gods heart.

I am not saying we have to abandon technology in order to be in touch with God.

technology can be used for good or evil.

it may be necessary for us to refrain from using it for a time until we have built up the strength of God in our spirits to resist the enemy when he attempts to pervert the ingenuity God set in motion for the u.s military to keep in touch and uses it to perpetuate the debasement of women and the abuse of children by spreading the reach of the evil octopus of pornography worldwide and encouraging false religions to be adopted by the masses.

it helps to stay in touch with Gods heart if we remind ourselves of sola Dios Gloria that we are meant to do all things for the glory of God.

if God doesn’t glory in it if we know it wouldn’t put a smile on HIs face we should stay away from it like we would a diseased beef burger covered in flies at maccas or a tofuturkey that had passed its best for u veggie lovers out there. 🙂

if we lie, steal, blaspheme Gods name or engage in sexual activity outside of Gods intended covenant design of marriage between one man and one woman we are putting ourselves in danger of hellfire.

God is capable of making crooked people straight but not the paths that lead to eternal torture. 😉

with the psalmist I pray for peace within israels borders n also for the whole world that they would fall in love with Jesus and experience His peace and joy in their hearts for He is the only one that will end all the wars of the world when we unite under the banner of His love ❤ WIN_20180104_09_45_49_Pro

psalm 124

what if the LOrd had not been on our side?

let all Israel repeat; what if the Lord had not been on our side when people attacked us ?

they would have swallowed us alive in their burning anger

the waters would have engulfed us ; a torrent would have overwhelmed us

yes the raging waters of their fury would have overwhelmed our very lives

praise the LOrd who did not let their teeth tear us apart

we escaped like a bird from a hunter’s trap

the trap is broken and we are free

our help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth

selah 🙂

this is another song for pilgrims ascending in Jerusalem.

this one was written by david.

when we are born with missing body parts or extra body parts or in circumstances of poverty or in a country that doesn’t allow freedom of religion or into a family that makes life a living hell for us cos of the way we think or what we believe its easy to convince ourselves that God isn’t on our side. perhaps its better to consider whether we are on Gods side. are we supporting HIm with our endeavours or are we walking in opposition to HIs spirit?

if it was not for God giving us breath and heart beats and filling our bellies with food every day and sticking a roof over our heads we would die from hypothermia in the cold or the heat of the sun when exposed to the elements. if it were not for God motivating us to get up out of bed in the morning we would have no reason for living. some may not acknowledge it is God whispering in their heart pushing them to stick one foot in front of the other but whether we give Him credit or not He is always working on our behalf trying His best to keep us from slipping in the mud of our foolish decisions and pointing out a better way to us that will help us avoid calamity and experience the blessing of His favour in fullest measure.

some people attack us verbally others physically. if we have a relationship with Jesus we need not fear attacks from anyone cos we know that our soul is preserved in the kingdom of heaven so long as we apologize to God every time we mess up by sinning.

people get mad at us for a variety of reasons. it is easy to let anger take you over . in this moment you may not know what you are doing. it feels like you are possessed by a spirit of anger that takes control of your hands and causes your fingers to ball up into fists and  causes you to start swinging punches. the truth is God has always provided a way of escape so we don’t have to let our anger control us. in some cases God spares our lives by screaming into the consciences of those who are persecuting us and they wake up to themselves before its too late and they have completely obliterated us by beating us to a bloody pulp. at other times they may ignore HIs nagging voice but still He provides a way for them to get busted before they can harm us or He causes them to trip and miss us when they are trying to crush us like a can under a foot.

we all know what it is like to be in a room with an angry person. it can be very scary when it feels like you cant escape the net of their fury but even if they are bigger and stronger than you , you can always call on Jesus and He can intervene on your behalf and cause HIs angels to grab their hands and stop them from hurting you.

there are some who will rip us to shreds metaphorically by trashing our reputations and some sick sad individuals who even in this modern world of supposedly enlightened minds still consider it perfectly acceptable to stick the bones of a human body between their teeth and chew on the flesh. may God have mercy on their perverted souls as He does on all of us who wrestle with sin on a daily basis attempting to avoid being pinned down to the dirt by it.

we used to sing a song with words similar to this verse at church about the snare being broken and us being escaped out of the hand of the fowler.

the devil is continually trying to use trials and temptations to cause us to stray from our faith but if we are wise we will not let him trick us into thinking differently to the way God thinks.

the best way to know how God thinks is to feast upon the treasure of HIs word for yourself. ❤

God is always helping us.

He made everything that ever is, was or will be.

do not think that you ever possess a burden that is too big for God to bear on His shoulders cos the biggest mountain in the world is like a tiny pebble in HIs mighty hand.


psalm 123 or why does it feel like I’m counting lol ;) <3

I lift my eyes to you O God enthroned in heaven

we keep looking to the Lord our God for HIs mercy just as servants keep their eyes on their master as a slave girl watches her mistress for the slightest signal

have mercy on us Lord have mercy for we have had our fill of contempt

we have had more than our fill of the scoffing of the proud and the contempt of the arrogant

selah 😉

this is another song for pilgrims ascending the heights of Jerusalem.

get used to this phrase cos youre gonna be hearing it a lot.

I could leave it out but it does help to give you a feeling of what these pilgrims were experiencing when they are panting and puffing and thinking thoughts about how wonderful their God is as their eyes take in the beautiful surroundings of the middle eastern atmosphere.

their nostrils would be breathing in the fresh mountain air. they would be grappling to find a foothold or a handhold as in those days there probably wouldn’t be trails cut into the mountainside to make it easier for folks like me who cant even do indoor rock climbing without falling flat on their faces above the lowest possible level.

we cannot see God in heaven but we know He is always watching over us.

His glory is continuously being revealed around the world.

some would rather see themselves as servants of Christ than slaves of righteousness but both identification labels are applicable. we think of servants as free to come and go as they please but when we accept Christ in our hearts we must live as if we have no choice other than to serve HIm cos truthfully any other choice  but obedience to God leads to death so we are wisest to live like HIs way is the only option and indeed He is the only possibility He is the unique certainty that leads to life everlasting and hope fulfilled.

now we think of what it is like to be in the body of a slave girl. she has no choice but to obey her mistress. if she doesn’t obey she may get whipped or killed. now in a very real sense we have to open our eyes and see that if we don’t obey God we face the certainty of eternal punishment but we don’t obey out of fear we obey out of love cos we know that He sacrificed HIs son self for our redemption .

in the same way the slave girl continuously keeps her attention on her mistress so should we be vigilant to always keep our focus on God. we should always keep in mind that He loves us. we should read His word and ask others to help us understand it better. we should make HIm the centre of our conversations and be intentional about pursuing HIs agenda. in doing this we elevate HIm above all else and worship HIm. this pleases HIm and simultaneously brings us joy cos we are living out our true purpose.

we all hate it when someone treats us coldly when all our efforts to show love just get pushed into the shadows or ignored completely. God helps us to gain the attention we deserve when we are living lives that put HIm first.

it is funny when some people are full of vanity in the way they treat us especially when they think they are smarter than us but actually they do not possess the greatest knowledge a human can possibly possess which is the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I think its worse when Christians treat us abominably than if its people in the world cos these people are supposed to be our family. yes they are only human but we are supposed to be behaving better than ordinary humans cos Jesus commanded us to be perfect as He is perfect and He gives us the strength to live out His perfection despite our frailty and human failings but we should make every possible effort to refrain from speaking ill towards others. yes people may infuriate us and we may consider ourselves better than them but the truth is none of us is any better than anyone else. it doesn’t matter if you think someone is a heretic or if they are an obvious heathen sitting around in positions of the compass on a pentagram or if they are sleeping with their spouse to be we are no better than them. we are all capable of sin and Jesus is coming back any minute now so we had better start living as if we are ready for HIs return and quit wasting time mouthing off about each other to each others faces or behind their backs and concentrate instead on bringing out the godliness in everyone around us. ❤